Business growth through partnership & shared values

Forming market-leading organisations from the shoots of good owner-managed companies


Envoy is a UK headquartered investment group with a reputation in forming market-leading organisations from the shoots of good owner managed companies.

We build highly entrepreneurial organisations by implementing leadership philosophies with a track record of winning.

Augmented by effective buy and build strategies, our goal is to invest in rich but often fragmented industrial markets; preparing investment cases for partners with the experience and capital to go to the next level.


Envoy company RSE leading the way with latest Investment

Envoy’s cornerstone growth company RSE has announced its fourth acquisition in twelve months, securing a majority investment in Darlington-based Sheers.


We believe in the Servant Leadership movement

We draw our organisation charts upside down, to reflect our belief that leadership’s role is to serve the business and to devolve power as close to the coal face as possible. Multiplying the leadership capability of the organisation.