Our experience is in navigating our platforms through complex journeys

In the industrial service sector, there are a number of high quality owner-managed businesses operating in fragmented markets and with untapped growth potential.

Envoy seeks to partner with businesses of this nature (typically £5-£20m Revenue) and supports growth campaigns to £100 Million and beyond. Whilst aspiration to grow and financial resources can prohibit growth, we believe them to be secondary to the human and organisational barriers as the primary cause.

Our experience is in navigating our platforms through this complex journey, often crossing 3 or 4 “chasm moments” on the way.

What are Chasms?

Moments in an organisations life when a step change in structures, processes and culture are required to take it to the next level. In the journey from £1m EBITDA to £10m it is common to pass through four chasms.

We call these ‘C1: Breaking Through’, ‘C2: Spans of Control’, ‘C3: Inverting the Triangle’ and ‘C4: Capital Backing’.